Andrew Hague Musician


Andrew is an experienced music workshop leader. 


Rock and Pop music often features simple, but effective and strong backing vocal parts. These are made all the easier to learn by inexperienced singers because they often know the original song. Andrew has worked with Rock choirs since 2000 and arranged backing vocal harmonies since the 1960's. A vocal workshop with Andrew is guaranteed fun and fulfilment. 

Sing the Beatles - A choral romp through some great Beatles hits

Love Songs inc - Spend a day or half a day learning a medley of both slow and up tempo love ballads


Andrew was director of the Sidmouth Gospel choir from 2008 to 2010. Gospel is a passionate style with rich vocal harmony and an accent on expressive singing. Gospel music is for anyone who can connect with the messages of freedom and commitment.

Gospel harmony - Harmony lies at the heart of 'Gospel' gain confidence in harmonising and in both large and small groups. 

Spirit Song
Often people are attracted to Gospel music, but find the personal faith that is expressed in these songs at odds with their personal credo. Spirit song workshops use scriptures and poems from a variety of faiths and cultures, focussing on lyrics which express universal truths such as the need to love if one is to find oneself and the crucial importance of looking after the world in which we live. etc. The musical genre varies and combines elements such as Folk, Classical and World music.
Using diverse instruments in church worship

As a trained arranger Andrew has a great deal of experience in combining available instruments for church worship, so if your church has an organist, a couple of guitarists and then someone who plays cornet and someone else who plays bagpipes, you may want to ask Andrew to bring them together so that they can be a blessing to your congregation. Andrew plays Guitar, Piano, and French horn, but has a technical knowledge of most of orchestral and band instruments.