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How do you learn about the history of the visual arts? Well you can buy a good book such as Gombrich's The Story of Art. You can work your way through looking at the pictures, relating them to the text and with a bit of luck, motivation and intelligence you'll have a good idea by the end. You can also buy well-illustrated books on particular painters or movements if you want to explore more deeply. But what about music? There are great books on the History of music, but they tend to be either superficial (about the lives of the composers) or have the kind of complex detail (talking about tonics and dominants and chromatic modulation) that confuses many readers. What's more the only picture of the music they can give is an excerpt of music notation. What if you can't read music, or you can, but you can't hear a complex score in your head as you look at the music? 

This is where most History of Music books fail. I have looked in vain for some kind of on-line Music History site where you can hear examples of the music being discussed but I couldn't find anything, so I decided to write one myself.

My course is divided into 

Christian chant and Medieval music

Early Renaissance music

Late Renaissance music

The Baroque

The Classical Era

The Romantic era



These eight lesson documents are sent out 1 per week to your email, The musical examples are embeded in the text as YOUTUBE links

Below is the first page of the Baroque lesson so that you can see the level that this History is pitched and how the links work.

The Baroque Sampler.pdf The Baroque Sampler.pdf
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Extra resources
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